Share and collaborate


Access controls can be set at the top-level files/folders only. The top-level items are listed under Data page aka Personal files page. All descendants of top-level folder have same access privileges. This simpler sharing model enables easier access management and faster performance.

A. Access Privileges

All content is private by default, but owners may grant following privileges to other users

  1. View: Privilege enables specified users to view, copy, and download data.
  2. Author: Privilege enables specified users to edit, delete, move, and upload too.
  3. Everyone: Grant anyone that can visit this site to view and download aka Public. 

B. Sharing data with CIPRES users

Use "Share" command to share data with site members as follows

  1. Visit Data page aka Personal files page.
  2. Select a single top-level file/folder to share.
  3. From File menu File menu icon, choose the "Share" command.
  4. In the Share form
    1. Enter the real name or username or email address.
    2. Click the "Add user" button.
    3. If the user does not exist, then use the "Invite" command described below.
    4. Grant appropriate access privilege as "View" or "Author" to the added user.
    5. Save the Share form. Specified users are notified by email about shared content.
  5. To change access grants, use the "Share" command again on the same file/folder.

C. Sharing data with others

You can make your data public to share with anyone. However, a CIPRES account is required for private sharing (Register here).

D. Collaborate

  1. From File menu File menu icon, choose the "Edit Description" command to enter description/metadata for any file of folder. This description is displayed along with file or folder and is searchable.